Tuesday, 10 October 2017

ZOO trip with Kayliss & her friends :)

One of the days during the Sept school holidays,
Hazel & I decided to bring our kids to the Zoo
Didn't know what got into me also.. haha!!
As I'm one who will choose to spend the time at home to rest than be out in the SUN with a hyper child who's curious about EVERYTHING!
But well, 
We cant stay at home forever right?!


So early that Kayliss was still asleep when we headed out...

Been craving for KFC breakfast ( their porridge ) for the longest time, 
and was anticipating to have it.. then to know that KFC at Zoo doesn't serve breakfast menu

Didn't have to wait too long for Kayliss's friends to join us for the adventure in the ZOO!

This DUO was so cute!!!
I think they are navigating their way via the map given....

Prior to the Zoo trip,
Kayliss was telling me that there were dinosaurs in the Zoo!!!
Despite the many times which I've replied that there are no dinosaurs in the zoo, she insisted.
I thought she was telling me about the animals in the zoo since she included giraffes, zebras, tigers, lions and also UNICORNS, which are horses la!
Until we were there....

 There was really dinosaurs in the zoo!!!!!

As usual, the weather in Singapore is HOT AND HUMID!!!
Thankfully, Hazel prepared cute portable fans for the kids



Look at them again!!

And we continued with our journey in the Zoo...
The weather was so HOT but there were no complains from the kids at all!!!


After all the walking and animals seeing, 
it was time for the kids to go enjoy at the water play!!!

Kayliss couldn't stayed stationary long enough for me to take nice photos of her, as always!
The kids had so much fun playing at the water play , but the fun had to be cut short when it started to drizzle.
No complains from the kids , and we continued with animals seeing

Totally didn't prepare anything for the rain, 
but Hazel got the raincoats prepared!!!!

 "Snake" babies in the snake cave!


After a good half a day at the Zoo, 
from sunny to drizzle to sunny weather again,
it was time to go home!!!
The kids were still a burst of energy then, while we parents were already half deflated.
So we needed the rest!

I gotta say this trip out was one of the best I had with Kayliss,
because she was so happy to be out exploring with her friend, played in harmony and they took care of one another,
I had no headache at all!

Can't wait to hang out more with Hazel and her cute kids!!
Til next time